5 Signs That Indicate Your Commercial Property Needs A New Roof

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5 Signs That Indicate Your Commercial Property Needs A New Roof

June 7, 2022 admin Comments Off

The robustness of your commercial roofing system protects the overall integrity of your building, employees, and other valuable equipment from the outside elements. However, with time, the entire structure starts needing repair and eventually a replacement. A building being old is also a cause for repair. Thus, it is imperative to take the assistance of a well-experienced roofing contractor to look out for the early signs of roof damage to avoid unwanted issues in the future.

Listed below are a few signs that indicate that your commercial property needs a new roof.

1. The roof is leaking

Noticing a water leak through the ceiling of your office is one of the most obvious signs that indicate the need for a new roof installation. Consider scheduling an inspection with an experienced roofing contractor to check whether you have a single, small leak, or extensive, multiple leaks. While your roofing company will repair the small leak points to extend the life of your roof, they may suggest a new roof installation or roof restoration in case there are major leaks.

2. The roof is affecting the appearance of your business

Since the roof on your commercial building can also play a crucial role in enhancing its appearance, damage to it can drag down your curb appeal. Thus, if you feel that the condition of your roof is taking a toll on your business, consider replacing it right away.

3. The roof has missing or damaged flashing

The flashing on your commercial roof prevents water leaks from joints on the roof. Flashing works as a tight seal that ceases the moisture from working its way inside. However, this flashing can go bad over time, leading to leaks. While you can hire a roofing expert to repair the flashing of your commercial roof, it is recommended to opt for a roof replacement or roof restoration if you notice a lot of missing or damaged flashing on your roof.

4. The roof is sagging in certain areas

Having a sagging roof is one of the most hazardous scenarios you may encounter as a business owner or a building owner. A sagging roof can potentially collapse at any minute or lead to unwanted damage to your property, equipment, and inventory. A sagging roof works as an invitation to create ponding water. Thus, make sure to address it at the earliest with the help of a reputable roofing contractor.

5. The roof is impacting the energy efficiency of your business

If you notice that you are paying more for electricity, your roofing system may be to blame. An old roof allows heat in during summer months and to escape during winter months. Thus, installing a new roof on your commercial property or completing a roof restoration will enable you to cut down energy costs by at least 10% while making your entire building more energy efficient and taking stress off mechanical components.


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