Top 7 Most Common Commercial Roofing Types

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Commercial Roofing

Top 7 Most Common Commercial Roofing Types

June 14, 2022 admin Comments Off

The well-being of your commercial roofing plays a significant role in enhancing the value of your property and safety. Besides climate and usage of roofing, the choice of roofing materials depends on several other factors. Moreover, you should also consider the durability, cost of installment, and annual maintenance when selecting your roofing. Thus, if your commercial property needs new roofing, or if you are thinking of choosing the most viable option for your new project, taking the assistance of a professional roofing contractor will serve you great help. 

Listed below are the most typical commercial roofing types ‌you should consider when thinking of installing a new roof on your property.

Metal roofing

The metal roofing system is one of the most popular commercial roofing because of its long-lasting durability that extends up to 40 to 60 years. Amongst the several ‌metal roofing systems available, some come with integrated solar or snow removal systems. It also offers an attractive, finished look, fire resistance, and sustainability. Some common metal commercial roofing materials include:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Tile sheets
  • Zinc and tin
  • Corrugated galvanized steel
  • Coated or stainless steel

Built-up roofing membrane

Keeping the care and maintenance constant, the built-up roofing offers a lifespan of 20 or more years. It is engineered by altering the layers of gravel and tar where the number of layers affects the durability and cost. However, it is one of the most inexpensive, flexible, and easy-to-repair roof types that is also UV resistant and coated well enough to reflect heat. 

Green roofing

Typically, a green roof lasts from 30 to 50 years. It comprises a rigid, water-proof membrane that green plants cover entirely. This sustainable masterpiece plays a significant role in improving the air quality while offering green space for relaxation for people. Its benefits include possible utility, protection from the elements, enhanced aesthetics, and government incentives. 

Spray on silicon

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a roofing material that starts as a liquid spray and turns into a solid foam layer. This type of eco-friendly roofing is typically applied to the existing roof. An SPF roofing system is a water-proof layer that adds an insulating factor to your top while offering longevity of up to 50 years with proper care and maintenance. 

Thermoset EPDM roof membrane

Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM), also known as thermoset roofing, is a roll-based, durable synthetic roofing rubber. It offers strong resistance to sunlight and pollution. It comes in black and white rolls that are easy to install, versatile, and long-lasting. 

Thermoplastic PVC and TPO roof membrane

Thermoplastic PVC and TPO roofing systems are engineered to bear with adverse weather conditions. These are lightweight, puncture-resistant, heat-reflective roofing systems that are also slow to damage when it comes to UV light, chemicals, or bacterial growth. Other benefits include fire resistance, robust air-welded seams, and tolerance to high temperatures and high winds.

Shingle roofing

Singles are another popular material for commercial roofing, especially those with steep roof lines. These come in numerous types, including slate, architectural, asphalt, plastic, and ceramic, and are relatively easy to install, versatile, and affordable. 


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